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We are in the age of the selfie! Don't be embarrassed, we all know that taking pictures of ourselves is a common past time. So, why not give your guests the ability to do just that at your wedding or event? We provide a service that could give the happy couple or host the most lively and honest snapshots of their guests, a sort of mobile photo booth that can easily act as a guest book. We deliver high quality photos that are professionally edited and curated into an online gallery and photo book. Keep scrolling to read some frequently asked questions.

What's the difference?

You might be asking yourself why should I buy a selfie service when every one of my guests will be equipped with a phone that can do just that? Well, we will be supplying a camera that takes high quality photos, unlike the low quality photos that are taken with most front facing cameras. Your photos will be curated and edited by professional photographers. We will also be delivering an online gallery that can be easily shared with friends and family, not to mention the photo book that comes with every Manzanita SELFIES package!

How many days before my event will I receive my package?

We will make sure your package has arrived 2 days before your event. 

When do we need to return the package?

We ask that you return your Manzanita SELFIES package within 3 business days of your events. All packages come with prepaid return slips, so all you have to do is tape it back up and drop it off! The sooner we receive the package the sooner we can get started on curating and editing them!

when will we see our photos?

Please allow 2 weeks from the time of package arrival for online gallery to be posted and 3 weeks for photo book to be sent out.

Can i use my selfie stick at my rehearsal dinner?

If you would like to add an extra event like your rehearsal dinner please purchase the appropriate package. If you would like a custom package, just let us know! If the extra event is not added any photos taken at a different event will not be edited or delivered.

Do i only get 50-100 photos?

This all depends on you! We will deliver as many photos as possible, but we have noticed that 50 is a decent minimum for events and 100 for weddings. Of course we can't guarantee any number, it all depends on how many photos your guests take! 

What will my book look like?

Click here to read about the photo book included in ever Manzanita SELFIES package!

is manzanita selfies easy to use?

Yes, YES, and yessss! We have designed the perfect combo of gear so your guests can easily take their best selfies. We have even added instructions right on the camera if someone gets confused. We use smile recognition technology so there are no buttons necessary. Just point, smile, and the camera does the rest!


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